Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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10 November 2011 

    Dear Bella,
 Hi! It’s been long times I haven't send you any updates. I’m using my mom’s laptop now. How are you going? Anything’s fine right? I'm good here. I missed you so much, I hope I can see you soon. How about hanging out sometimes? Oh well, the point of me writing this is that I want to tell you about my holiday. I have my vacation on Singapore. As always, Singapore was really great, fresh air, places are so clean, tidy, everything was well organized and don't forget that the food and price was good too. Kidding.  

  I stayed here about two weeks. Imagine how long it is, I think I've been traveling around the whole Singapore. Although , it is pretty fun. We've shop, we have tried all kinds of food, we went to many kind of tourist attractions. You know that one called "Universal Studio" right? it was awesome. I went there just yesterday. I almost tried every single vehicle to play there, unfortunately some of them closed so what can I do.

  Well there's pretty much about what I’m doing here that I want to tell you. I know it's not really interesting. What about you? Where do you spend your holiday? Is it great or not? What you guys do? Well I really hope to see you, there's really much things I want to share. i have to go now, my mom called. Writes me back soon ok? Love you.

  Your best-friend, Aqel

Raquel Dhita N
31 / XB 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Will there still be schools and teachers in the future?

Of course!

If there are no school and teachers in the future, we (human) will be more lazy than we are now. I know you will think that we can use a super high technology computer, or we can eat a super pill to make us smarter, but it will make us more lazy, like we will never search for a book, look at the table of contents and open a dictionary, we will type it on our computer and all we're looking for will be displayed on the computer. If it's true, there is no struggle.

If there's no school in future, we will rarely meet friends. We can use the webcam and messenger to chat, but it would be different if we don't met the person who we want to talk to. We will stay in front of the computer all day long to talk to other friends and we would rather playing computer than eat three times a day.

To conclude, i would like to say that schools and teachers must exist in the future, but it's okay if the teacher use the future technology and being helped by a robot to teach the students

Rizki Taufik M W

Teenagers Lifestyle (Final Draft)


Now, teenage boys prefer to play than exercise. According to my survey, 2 of 5 people like to ride a bike, like mountain bike, bmx, and fixie. They usually ride they bike when they go to school or when car free day and night ride, car free day is on sunday, it serves to reduce air pollution. It was fun to ride a bike, you can do some tricks on the road and you can make a video while cycling with friends. The others or 3 of 5 people are like to playing computer games, online games or offline games. Playing computer games cause addicted, so they can spent a million money to buy a voucher for a good character for the online games. They usually play computer games at home or in a internet cafes.

Public Transportation

What public transportation they usually use? 3 of 5 people like to use taxi. Taxi's have an air conditioner, that's the different between a taxi with a bus or motorcycles that people in indonesia called it 'ojek'. Taxi is more expensive than the other public transportation, but it comfortable. 1 of 5 people like to use ojek, and the last 1 of 5 people like to use bus. If you use bus, it will take much time to go, but its different when you use busway. Ojek is the fastest public transportation, because it can overtaking other transportation easily, but don't forget to use a helmet, so you don't inhaling pollution and for your safety.

Thank you again!!

Rizki Taufik M W

Monday, November 7, 2011

New E-mail! (1)

Hello Lisa, guess what? I sent this email from Melbourne, Australia.
Envy much? Don’t be, cause I’m going to tell you how’s my trip this time. This is my first day in Melbourne. So, I arrived this morning at Avalon International Airport and it’s really cold here. There isn’t any snow,  but the weather is so cold. Thank God, I’ve prepared the winter clothes.
After I arrived, I travel along the Great Ocean Road. And I made a stop, cause I think it’s an interesting scene to see. It was so wonderful, you can see  a beautiful scene of sea and beach. The water of the sea is so clear, and the sand is the most beautiful sand I’ve ever seen.
I think I fell in love with this Great Ocean Road, and suddenly funny thing happened. When I wanted to take a picture, I forgot to hold the camera tight. So it fell down and full of sand. Haha but it was a great experience for me, I think I’ll go to bed now. I’ll send another email tomorrow.
Good night,

Ellen MacArthur 

(Nadhira Nur Aqila)

Friday, November 4, 2011

School and Teachers in Future

 Scientists claim that in couple years time, there won’t be human teachers. It replaced with robot teacher that are likely to be even more intelligent that humans.They will teach to the human children at school about technology.

 The technology advanced a lot in the last years, so always there will be a way to learn with teachers in a school or with robots in his house.

 I don't really agree something can replace schools and teachers. Because at school you can ask specific questions to the teacher till you get what it means, work in groups, have a social life, make friends or even have fun. Yes we can learn some things in the Internet, but it can't replace schools. Schools feels our second home. Schools are more than sitting, studying and learning, schools are places where we go every day, we meet new people and places you remember until we grows old.

 At the end, I want to say that a virtual school or a robot teacher will be really very useful inventions, but school, as well as an obligation, is the most important social activity that the children have. Its kind of a place where they find who they are. I prefer school and teachers. Human can’t be replaced with a piece of metal without a real brain and feelings.

Raquel Dhita N / 31

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Indonesian Teens (Final Draft)


This time I’m gonna write a report about what is popular with Indonesian teens. I’m gonna write a report based by an interview with my classmate. Music is one thing that can’t be separated from teens. Every teen like to hear music, but there’s many kinds of music. i asked 5 of my friends to interview them to get a report about a music on Indonesian teens. This is my interview results, all of the respondents prefer foreign music than local music. 2/5 of my friends like metal music, they’re listening A Day to Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada and many more. 2/5 of my friends like punk music, their idols are Blink 182, Rufio, Sum 41. 1/5 of my friends like pop music, he’s listen to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber.


A sport is one of the most favorite activities in the world. Most of the teenagers prefer to do some sports than other activity. 5 friends that i've interviewed like sports they’re like to do a sports because it’s fun and healthy. 3/5 of my friends love soccer, because soccer is the most popular sport in the world and soccer is the most fun sport in their opinion. 2/5 of my friends like basketball because there are many tricks and movements in basketball like slam dunk and many movements. This report just a sample and not an absolute statistics about the Indonesian teens

M. Rendy Riansyah XB

Monday, October 10, 2011


  This report  is about to present teens’ way of think  around things such as lifestyle, gadgets, and music. I’ve already done a little research about this. I interviewed some of my friend at school  and some others in my old school. I’ve done the interview by telephone and in person. Of course the question concerned teenage lifestyle, gadgets, and music.

  Some of the teenagers love popularity kind of lifestyle, where they can do whatever they like, hanging out somewhere they want with their friends and come back home when they want it. But there's a lot too who wants a simple life, where they still hang with their friends but in a normal portion, to follow the rule, doing great in school, and to think about their future.

  Almost all of my friends like to have a cool gadget or we can say the popular one. They like to buy gadgets with popular and famous brand such as Apple, Blackberry, HP, etc. Just a little of them who buys gadgets really based on what they need and what that gadget's ability. They prefer to buy smartphone, ipod, and notebook. These gadgets  usually used to help them to work on their school project and fill their free time.

  Nowadays most of all teenager already infected by western culture. If we scale it, eight from ten prefer to listen west music. A little of them like to listen east one like Korean or we can say K-pop or Korean Pop. But it is really rare to find the one who still prefer Indonesian music. I just found one person who still like to listen to traditional music, it was really hard to find. Most of them choose pop, R'n'b, or easy Jazz.

  From what I see, kids these time had already change. They really like something that public says cool, they really following the trend. Well now generation are more smarter, but their way to think has changed. Their way to think now are more to west. The good side is that they know much about globalizations, but the negative side that their start to forgetting their own country. we do really need to educate and fix teens' way of think nowadays.

Raquel Dhita N